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I was made redundant after working for a not for organisations for nearly 10years. I got in contact with Yvonne who went beyond and above to help me secure a job within a week. Thank you very much Yvonne
I came to Australia as a refugee from war affected country Afghanistan, since I arrived, I was searching to find a job related to my field of study and my experience, I have sent resume to several companies but did not receive at least one reply.Through Glow-up coaching program with Ms. Kylie Chain has fulfilled all my expectations and it was really a game changer for me, I implemented all the instructions, guidance, and recommendations and all those changed my life.I am very grateful from the Glow-up leadership and extremely appreciate the efforts of my respected coach Ms. Kylie Chain.Now I have a full-time job related to my past experience and I recommend the Glow-up coaching program to all my friends and for those who are new starters or mid-career seekers.
After 5 job rejections as a graduate, I did Yvonne's online coaching and received some amazing tips regarding job interviews I never thought of. I then secured my first ever full-time job, and they said they were mostly impressed with my preparation which is all because of my experience at Glow-Up. I couldn't recommend Yvonne enough, especially for graduates!
Response from the owner: Congratulations Lucy!We love to hear success stories like this one.You'll be fab! Please keep in touch.
Being a Glow-up coach has been as fulfilling for me as it has been beneficial for the mentees.I have met migrants from across the globe who are inspiring and impressive and want to give back to Australia and contribute to society. If I can help with that in any way, bring it!The migrants I have worked with are professionals who are an asset to the country and, at times, don't have the self-belief they should.I see my role as helping them understand the Australian job market and process. How to put their best foot forward and help them refine and recognise the impact they've had, and what they will make in their new homeland.
Yvonne Kelly has helped guide me through the process of career coaching / mentoring by showing me the steps in achieving my goals within my career.Yvonne has been proactive and honest and a real inspiration to me with her approach to upskilling and finding your dream profession. Mine is still a work in progress. However, Yvonne has given me all the skills I need to keep going, and, still currently checks in to keep me on track.Thank you Yvonne for your support and applaud the wonderful work that you and your colleagues do.
I have completed Glow up Career coaching with Cathy Thorpe. She is very experienced, helpful and well qualified coach. With her guidance, I have re-written my resume and cover letter that helped me in securing interviews. Also, I have got great and really helpful tips for interviews, professional networking and LinkedIn trends. I would definitely recommend a training course with her if you are looking for opportunities in the job market.Yvonne, the founder of the Glow up career has been very proactive and made sure my journey with them is pleasant and good fit for purpose. She hosted free career development webinars with leading industry people to help people get an advice from experts. This shows their professionalism and commitment to career development programmes.
I did the Glow Up Career coaching program with Cathy Thorpe as my coach. Cathy is a very capable and qualified coach and was a great help for me throughout the program. Always very supporting and generous with her time. On a few occasions I needed more help to get the correct understanding and she always took her time to patiently explain the topic to me.
I engaged Yvonne to assist in updating my online profile during a recent gap in my employment. The Glow Up program was easy to follow and Yvonne was patient and knowledgeable on all of the course content. Yvonne provided a lot of time to review with me my cover letter, resume, LinkedIn Profile and strategy. She spend time with me before all interviews to prepare me and Was a great sounding board afterwards.I thoroughly recommend Yvonne.
Yvonne has great insight into Executive recruitment given her background coupled with a very amenable demeanour and sincere willingness to help people in their career journey be it transitioning between roles or reinventing yourself in these unprecedented times. Glow up was definitely one of my more value add investments.
I moved to Australia as a student, hence in a new environment I was unaware of the working culture and professional requirements. The coaching session with Glow Up really helped me highlight my skill set and understand my strengths. Joanna went an extra mile to help me build, organise and sharpen my resume and cover letter. I also received some really handy tips on how to settle into a new work setting and shine in an interview. Additionally, Yvonne has always been supportive and given me the best advice which has really helped me in times of uncertainty.
I had a very positive experience with Yvonne and the Glow Up Careers team and would highly recommend their services.
When I had lost my job at a challenging time (COVID19), the coaching from Yvonne was spot on to help me pivot and re-frame my CV and LinkedIn profile for the new context, focusing on the shift to contract work and greater flexibility in how I present my skills and experience. I highly recommend Yvonne and the Glow Up framework to anyone that is seeking greater alignment btw their career direction and their passions, skills and values.
I have been working in a non-professional role for a while, and have been training to change careers. I found that the Glow Up Voyager program very beneficial to me to get on top of my Linkedin, CV and cover letter preparation, it provides a step by step guide to help you present your best self as your first point of contact with a potential employer.My coach Will keeps me motivated and in check. I have spoken to the owner Yvonne a few times, and I have found her to be very genuine in her approach to help me find full-time employment. I would recommend Glow Up to anyone uncertain on how to move forward in their career.
Transitioning from a non-corporate background to one is quite tough for myself- however, the voyager program that I was enrolled in through a private institution helped myself arrange all the job-hunting tools I needed in a way that realistically reflect how recruiters assess an application.
Partnering with Glow Up has really enhanced and improved our Outcomes Program at Academy Xi and the way in which we get our students job-ready. It's transformed the way in which we coach, guide and mentor everyone individually and has enabled us to scale effectively, providing a fantastic set of resources and best in class content that can't be beaten. I can't recommend Glow Up highly enough!
After 20 years with the same company, I was uncertain where to start in my search for a new role. The program and coaching gave me the tools and confidence to secure a great job. Now I have been in my new role for a while, I look back on that uncertain time and am very thankful for the support and success Glow Up gave me. Thank you!
I had recently left a job abroad with a view of changing industry. My background was very diverse and I was having trouble telling my story on my CV and in person to recruiters and potential employers.The coach worked me with me through my background and helped me develop a much sharper resume and coached me through the interview process and offered guidance throughout the process. After the coaching session I was fully ready for my next step and given empolyer feedback about my resume I know it was down to Glow Up Careers, I fully reccomend them to anyone in need of sharpening up your Resume, Interview skills or in need of career guidance.
I had two coaching sessions with Antonia and found them to be very helpful. We focused on getting my CV and LinkedIn profile ready, identifying a career pathway and interview preparation. Antonia was very supportive and it's evident that she's passionate about what she does. I followed her instructions, did the work and landed the job I wanted! It was the first time I felt confident applying for jobs and attending interviews. I would highly recommend coaching sessions to anyone.
I highly recommend Angela from Glow Up Careers. After being made redundant from a job I was only putting up with as I had small children, Angela gave me all the right tools and courage to follow my career path once again. She assisted me in finding what I actually wanted to do, how to find it and advised me on my journey. Angela also helped me define my career goal which I was struggling with.Now I am working on a fixed term contract for a company who offers flexibility, opportunity and growth. I could not be happier.
I was feeling disengaged and not very motivated about the prospect of looking for a new role. A few opportunities had come up and one of the things I needed to do was get my resume updated. A friend referred me to Glow Up Careers so I had a look at the program and signed up.I was pleasantly surprised that the program got me excited about the job seeking process and how to approach it in a more focused and effective way. The coaching session provided valuable guidance on how to sharpen my resume to show off my experience. The process helped me to reflect on my work experience and feel proud of my career to date.I am in a phase of transitioning into a new career path so I got some much needed clarity on my next steps. The best thing I got from the program was feeling more in control of my career and making my job seeking experience more effective.
After many years in my job, I was in need of a change and looking for a new challenge in a different profession. Feeling somewhat daunted by the road ahead and looking for guidance, I reached out to Glow Up Careers.I was matched with an experienced coach who provided direction and key tools to explore the array of opportunities awaiting. My coach worked with me to produce an impressive and standout resume and to identify and pursue clear targets with a newly found confidence.The outcome of my experience with Glow Up Careers - a complete success! I was offered the job at the top of my dream job list and I am absolutely loving working in this job every day.I highly recommend Glow Up Careers to any one and every one that I meet in pursuit of a new job or career change. Simply fantastic!
I would highly recommend Glow Up Coaching to anyone looking to take the next exciting step in their career development. I was recommended to Glow Up when I shared with friends that I had a short term dream to work overseas. At the time I didn't know where I would go or what I would do. Through participating in the Glow Up program and coaching sessions I received the perfect advice to guide me to Singapore and at the same time to build a killer resume and cover letter. Newly equipped and confident, I began to actively apply for opportunities in Singapore and to reach out to new connections for advice. Within 3 months I had secured 5 interviews and in the end accepted an exciting new role accompanied by a valuable Singapore work visa. Today I am the Head of BD & Partnerships for a fast scaling start up in Singapore where ever day brings new and exciting experiences. I'm very grateful for the support, advice and encouragement that I received from my Glow Up Coach - where will your next adventure take you and who are you going to have by your side to get you there?
My career goal was clear. I sought a return to the private sector after six years in State Government. However, my campaign wasn't working. Something wasn't right, but I couldn't pinpoint it.A friend recommended Glow Up. Their structured program refreshed my outlook, focussed my resume and aligned my online presence to my chosen career.Most importantly, Glow Up reinvigorated my self-confidence. I found the role I wanted, in the industry I targeted, in a remarkably reasonable timeframe. My Coach’s great guidance and the easy to follow program delivered the goods for me. I highly recommend it.