outplacement & transition

If your organisation is in transition, we can assist through bespoke coaching for employees on the move internally and specialist outplacement assistance for those departing. Our platform is scalable, personable and adapts to suit specific requirements for any situation.

With a range of programs to suit all budgets, our Outplacement & Transition solutions start from $1000 and up (individual 1-hour sessions also available on request).

And we’re connected to NPA Worldwide – the world’s largest independent recruitment network, allowing us to comprehensively assist those who hit the job market during times of change.


the journey begins...

Blueprint is our starting point.

We work with employees to get them to a level playing field, and adapt their thinking to embrace change, and build resilience – all in 1 hour. 

Getting them to start designing their future from the ground up.


expanding horizons

Voyager builds on the Blueprint program, helping magnify learning, lighting the way to a successful transformation.

Over 3 hours of one-on-one coaching, employees will expand their horizons and start driving their own careers in the direction that’s best for them, and your organisation.

Help employees chart a course for their future.


outplacement, enhanced

Many employees will find themselves at a crossroads when redundancies are announced. Those departing have unique requirements that one-size-fits-all outplacement cannot solve.

Explorer is our full outplacement program, starting at 3 hours and expanding out – we can scale according to specific needs on an individual basis. Programs are bespoke for each person, and build skills, resilience and adaptability.

Employees can escape to their future – discuss your requirements with us today.


movin' on up

The future of work means many new skills and specialisations will become the norm. As employees grow with your organisation, support them on their career journeys within.

Through our customised programs, they will take charge,  plotting a course forward, all while remaining highly engaged and enhancing their learning.

Our Insiders choose their station in your structure, aligning with company missions & goals for a brighter future for all.

Our growing global community of highly experienced coaches. Join our tribe here.

Working with community organisations to support those in need of help. Everyone deserves their best career.

want the career of your dreams?