Our Story

Yvonne and Alex Kelly (no, not that Kelly!) founded Glow Up Careers in 2018 to help everyone on earth build the career of their dreams.

With over 20 years in Recruitment we have helped thousands of people find the right job and organisations build high performing and engaged teams internationally.

In 2009 we decided to relocate from Australia to Ireland to reconnect with Yvonnes‚Äô heritage and family….

In Ireland we discovered that we had spent all our time helping others find work and no time at all planning for our own careers. Ireland was in recession at the time and we both struggled to find any jobs that were inspiring and were shocked at how job seekers were treated, ourselves included.

After a couple of years, we jumped on a plane and came back to where we began….

Sitting on a beach in Sydney, contemplating our next move and having to start again, we made a pact that we never wanted job seekers to be treated the way we had been. We wanted to build an inclusive business where we empowered everyone to manage their own career. Welcome to Glow Up Careers.

Kind Words

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Working with community organisations to support those in need of help. Everyone deserves their best career.

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