Scalable Outplacement

Bespoke transition for your employees to expand their horizons with adaptive, one-on-one outplacement coaching. Delivered virtually at a place and time which suits them.

All with transparent pricing, easy access and scalable options for all budgets & employee requirements.

Voyager is designed to help transitioning staff take back control of their future career journey, finding empowerment and self-determination along the way. Our tailored outplacement solution also leaves a lasting positive organisational impression in times of change.

Glow Up Voyager is a digital learning experience matched with one of our Accredited coaches to help transitioning employees.

We support all levels of transitioning employee, from junior staff through to departing executives, and everyone in between. Plus, our Accredited coach community has a very broad depth of expertise and skill. Collectively we have helped reshape the careers of thousands of people experiencing workplace change.

Harnessing the energy of shifting mindsets, empowerment & value-focused thinking, Voyager builds positivity and determination for people on the move, right when they most need it.

Glow Up Careers is the only outplacement provider certified as a Social Enterprise. By working with us you’ll be directly assisting people at a disadvantage with pro-bono career guidance.

Explore our scalable Voyager outplacement & transition program now.

Voyager outplacement is the right solution if:

Meet our founder - Yvonne Kelly

When you offer Glow Up Voyager for employee transition, you’ll get our bespoke career coaching assistance developed from over 25 years of Global Recruitment expertise. Your employees will gain access to our online mobile-friendly platform, and connect with a coach who has been matched with their unique skills, background and work experience. All at a time and place that works for them – no office appointments, no travel to the city, no commuter traffic – just a connected device and our platform.

Part of the program will help them explore their purpose and career to date, focusing on transferrable skills, strengths, values & passions.

The ultimate goal? The career of their dreams, no matter who they are or where they’re from. Plus a smooth exiting process, enhanced through a positive mindset & caring employee lifecycle experience.

Our Platform

Values-Based Coaching

Our values-based approach provides practical and insightful guidance to people not sure where to turn next, helping change mindsets, refocus energy and achieve successful outcomes.

Learn Recruitment AI

This program will give up to date information on the technology & AI used in the recruitment process and the hurdles job seekers are facing. Participants will uncover how hiring Managers & Recruiters search for candidates using tech.

Rediscover Purpose

Our value-focused thinking approach to coaching will help your employees explore their true purpose, career drivers, what they value and trust, and assist them to re-engineer who they can truly be at work.

Explore Personal Branding

Work on personal branding, from resume to online profiles, avatars, photography and video presentation skills. Discover what it takes to stand out, be proud of achievements, and link purpose to personality.

Refine The Pitch

It’s an interactive program, so participants get to practice pitch skills in real-time, through one-on-one role playing with their Coach. They’ll even realign with what they value most, and set new goals for their career.

Outstanding Outcomes

Our bespoke platform is immersive, inclusive and designed to guide coaching conversations for maximum impact. At Glow Up we’re all about the OUTCOME, and think everyone with their career on their mind should be too!


Participant Feedback:

I did the Glow Up Career coaching program with Cathy Thorpe as my coach. Cathy is a very capable and qualified coach and was a great help for me throughout the program. Always very supporting and generous with her time. On a few occasions I needed more help to get the correct understanding and she always took her time to patiently explain the topic to me.

Albert Nielsen
Software Developer

After many years in my job, I was in need of a change and looking for a new challenge in a different profession. Feeling somewhat daunted by the road ahead and looking for guidance, I reached out to Glow Up Careers. I was matched with an experienced coach who provided direction and key tools to explore the array of opportunities awaiting. My coach worked with me to produce an impressive and standout resume and to identify and pursue clear targets with a newly found confidence. The outcome of my experience with Glow Up Careers - a complete success! I highly recommend Glow Up Careers to any one and every one that I meet in pursuit of a new job or career change. Simply fantastic! 

Jess Smith
Investment Manager

Yvonne has great insight into Executive recruitment given her background coupled with a very amenable demeanour and sincere willingness to help people in their career journey be it transitioning between roles or reinventing yourself in these unprecedented times. Glow up was definitely one of my more value add investments.

Krush Deepak

I'm very grateful for the support, advice and encouragement that I received from my Glow Up Coach - where will your next adventure take you and who are you going to have by your side to get you there?

Daniel Spencer
Head of Customer Success

Frequently Asked Questions:

Voyager includes an online learning component delivered via our platform – participants get access right after signing up. Then they will answer a few simple questions, upload a resume and we’ll match them with a coach with their skills and experience in mind. Book in a mutual time for their first 1-hour coaching session with the coach, and the program runs from there.

Follow-up sessions with the same coach are then booked in as appropriate – you can choose from 3, 6 or 9 sessions at time of purchase.

Yes. We now have accredited coaches in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Our coaches can adjust to suit international time zones.

The matched coach will walk each participant through our platform & content during each online coaching session, and then all participants have ongoing access to revisit all the online material in their own time.

Access to a computer / device with a video camera  and microphone. We use Zoom for our webinars and coaching sessions. We will provide participants access to our online portal –

Voyager is the perfect place to start if you are looking for a scalable outplacement solution with transparent pricing, simple e-commerce buying options,  adaptive learning, matched coaching and a focus on positive employee outcomes.