The Future of Work is Already Here.

I was really lucky to attend an event last week hosted by AHRI and Seek. The topic was HR’s role in shaping “The Future Ready Organisation”.

We all know the robots are coming and technology is increasing so it was wonderful to hear from three Senior HR Leaders on their thoughts around the topic and how their organisations are preparing for the future.

Michelle Phipps Group Director People and Culture, Coca-Cola Amatil 
Michael Rosmarin , Chief Human Resources & Brand Officer, Link Group 
Connie Hansen Partner, Deloitte Australia 

Anne Baldwin, Head of Client Relationships from SEEK facilitated the conversation and made mention of the Gartner Conference the previous week and how 69% of what a Manager does will be automated by 2024

Some of my key takeaways included

  • The Future of Work is Already Here

All three leaders agreed that the future of work is already here. Job roles and tasks are changing rapidly and technology is speeding up. Michelle Phipps explained how Coca Cola Amatil is ensuring they are gathering the right insights and data, focusing on leadership and capability and moving to predictive analytics. Michael Rosmarin mentioned that Link Group have moved to a Global Operating model. Connie Hansen at Deloitte explained how you need to instill a positive mindset to face change. She made mention of a recent Deloitte Study – The lucky country where roles that are truly human will still be very much in demand and there will be a need to increase training in soft skills using relationship and empathy – skills of the heart rather the head or hands. Micro learning will increase with shorter bursts of learning. Click the link below to read the report.

  • Leadership – One of the Top Strategic Priorities.

Leadership was high on the list for all three organisations in the strategic priorities in preparing for the future. Michael at Link Group spoke about evolving culture by driving value, creating new ways of working and building capability. Michelle mentioned that at Coca Cola Amatil they are focusing on the challenge of virtual leadership. Ensuring inclusive leadership for retaining and engaging remote teams. Team effectiveness is also high on their list. At Deloitte, building purpose led and ethical leadership, Diversity & Inclusion as well as cognitive agility and dealing with resilience are high on the agenda.

Michael Rosmarin felt that as technology increases leaders will find it difficult to manage technology and people together. This was a strong message that also came out of the Gartner conference. There will be a need to build resilience in leaders, and their skill in coaching and mentoring people. Connie mentioned how Deloitte have had great success in leaders learning about the power of positivity and your best self. It has been an emotional journey for the leaders but with a very positive outcome understanding how each person can be their best. Also offering leadership development across all levels of the organisation from graduate intakes up.  At Coca Cola Amatil leaders are talking to their teams and finding out what each person wants to experience.

  • 3: Resilience and Wellness

A large part of preparing for the future will include ensuring the resilience and wellness of staff. At Link Group they have a wellness hub that is self-guided. Staff can do online health assessments and they have had a big uptake in this. Sleep is becoming a big issue and will continue to be into the future. Diversity and Inclusion is high on all organisations agendas and ensuring an employee can bring their whole self to work. Flexible working arrangements are also increasing. Deloitte have been focusing on breaking down the flex to suit individuals and make it easier for employees to access smaller flexibility in their lives and initiate conversations with their managers. Coco Cola Amatil has an all roles flex policy. They have social groups to suit everyone including those who do crosswords and LGBT groups. There is a big focus on getting people to switch off after work.

I think the one that resonates most strongly with me is resilience and wellness. Resilience in the face of change and wellness / mindfulness to keep on track with what you want to achieve in your career. What do you think – which of these resonates most strongly with you?

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