Glowing Remote – a manual

Remote work.

Working from home..

Out of office…

Brave New World!

With all the change of work-life among us in this era of the pandemic, at Glow Up we thought we’d share some of the things we do to work smarter, stay connected, build team cohesiveness, have a bit of fun, and keep to our goals and targets.

20 Questions?

Nup, we’ve got 20 Answers!

So without further ado, here are some suggestions to help you push through.

Number 1 – The Netflix Party

Yes, yes – you’ve heard this before…but did you actually give it a go? Maybe a 30-min comedy show that you and your team might get a laugh out of this Friday afternoon. Go on, release that oxytocin – it’s the empathy hormone that bonds people together…and laughter creates it in your mind!

Number 2 – The Spotify Collab

So, I don’t know about you, but music seems to make everything better. Less stress, brighter mood, happier feelings, and you can’t overhear Karen on the phone 4 metres away (social distancing!)

Build a Spotify team playlist, then pass it round. Maybe even vote on who picked the worst tune. Their round next time the pub opens!

Number 3 – The Yoga Sesh

Bend it like Beckham, for everyone else. Do it together, with the webcams running.

Discover amusement. Pull a muscle. Maybe feel inner joy…

Number 4 – Swim in the Sea of Tranquility

You know that feeling you get when you’re really tired, and you lay down in a warm bed…just before you go off to sleep? It’s called Calm.

And now you can get it anytime, on your phone or tablet.

Try it – might just change your life.

Number 5 – Any time’s a good time for Bolly, Darling!?

Yes, that old standard – Champagne. Mood lifter par excellence.

“I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love, and when I am not.” Coco Chanel

Number 6 – Get Around Roblox


Roblox – your kids have been at it for years. Discover why, and you’ll never look back (although you may lose a few hours…or days)

Number 7 – Zoom OUT…Hey, you there – stop leaning in!

Still Leaning In? That was yesterday, Sheryl!

Given social distancing rules, leaning near anyone is totally unacceptable.

So why not Zoom Out instead? It’s cheap (or even free) and it’ll get you and your team back on track in no time.

You can even compare home offices, and home-corporate-wear…

Number 8 – Buy Jeans, get Jeans

Imagine a world where you could buy jeans online, then refer someone, then get another pair of jeans for free???

Wait. That means we can all get a pair of jeans and only pay for half of them, doesn’t it?

What kind of crazy are we talking, right?

Well…wrong. That world exists, and it’s right here:

Number 9 – Mello out with Trello

Work, work, work…that’s all you ever talk about!

Well, stop talking and start DOING, with Trello. Those clever Atlassian’s have you sorted, with one of the best collaborative work platforms around. Try it here:

Number 10 – Build your Squad

Exercise helps drive enthusiasm, makes you happier, connects you with one another, and maybe you’ll even live a little longer…

…in your bedroom…

…in your pyjamas…

…eating Nutella…

…with your fingers…but I digress!

Squadeasy helps get teams together for a workout even when they can’t. Check it:

Number 11 – Rebrand the ‘Wear


That tired old ‘hoodie’ with the Company logo on it, and coffee stains (they are coffee stains, right?)

Give me a break! If you wouldn’t wear it in public, then why are you wearing it where your housemates can see you.

Have you no shame?

Time for a rebrand then.

Crack out those design skills and get T-shirting, with Canva. Maybe award a Number 5 to the best designer in your team.

Number 12 – Host a Houseparty

This is a no-brainer.

Take those Friday drinks, or the company foundation day virtual, with Houseparty.

Download it now, before the download tap dries up…it’s racing up the charts with a bullet!

Number 13 – Believe in the Bookclub

Have something to talk about next Monday, on Number 7, while wearing your new Number 8’s and sipping on a refreshing glass of Number 5.

Bookclubs give people a reason to read.

And reading makes people smarter.

And smarter people can change the world, and changing the world is what Steve Jobs always wanted you to do!

So, by building a bookclub you’ll be making Steve happy. And he could probably do with a bit of cheering up…

Number 14 – Self-help for Self-Isolation

Don’t freak yourself refreshing the internet news every 2 seconds…much of it is #fakenews anyway.

Go to the source…and by that we mean one you can trust. There’s lots, here are a few:

Number 15 – Donate a Bear

Just because there’s some pandemonium about a pandemic sweeping the globe, doesn’t mean all the kids with cancer are suddenly cured.

They still need more help, more healthcare and loads more love and attention.

And you can help by donating a bear. It’ll make you feel good. And it’ll make them feel loved and like someone out there actually still cares.

Number 16 – Launch yourself into Cinespace

Go on…you might learn something.

Or at least, you and your team will feel like there’s something worth fighting for.

From the inspirational world of NASA.

Who knows…space might be the only clean place left, when we’re all done down here…

Number 17 – Download Plague Inc.

Pure genius, initially released by Ndemic Creations in May 2012, Plague Inc. used real-world epidemiology data to show you what a disease outbreak really looks like.

And the best part?

You can ‘design’ your very own contagion and see if you can wipe out the human race with it.

Maybe it’ll become your crowning glory (geddit? Crowning…corona!)

Number 18 – Listen to White Noise


White Noise.

Try it.

Number 19 – Meme your coworker

Cyberbullying? Nah…that’s just for high-schoolers.

And everyone loves a meme, don’t they?

Even Karen, in accounts.

Number 20 – The Power of the Nap

Sleep…oh you beautiful drug!

When times are tough, and stress levels are high (ie. now), sleep is often one of the casualties.

But it’s probably the single most important thing you need to work on in times of crisis. Getting a decent amount of sleep helps everything be better.

You, your colleagues, the world. It’s that simple.

Also, if you’ve read this far, you definitely deserve it!

The Powernap, now available in an app.

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