Glow Up Careers Official Launch

Last Thursday 20th June 2019 we celebrated the official launch of Glow Up Careers!

We chose this date – World Refugee Day – to give thanks to all the people who’ve helped us on our journey so far – the for-profit world, our coaches and coachees, and those working for purpose.

What better day to launch than one vested in bringing refugees to attention – they’re an integral part of Glow Up and our mission to help everyone have the career of their dreams.

Time to Launch!

We kicked off proceedings with some sushi and champagne (a great combo by the way!) and a chance for everyone to get to know each other.

All our coaches had special nametags so you could find them in the crowd and have a chat about Glow Up. Then our founder, Yvonne, presented our story – where we’ve come from, why we’re here and where we are going – to an enthralled crowd.

Glow Up Careers was born out of a simple idea – that everyone deserves the career of their dreams.

There’s tons of information out there about following your dreams, of not giving up, and of being the best you can be. But nothing we could find helped people on a more fundamental level – even asking the basic question of “what are your dreams” didn’t seem to have a voice in the greater employment community.

This lack of simple-to-follow, quick and precise, tailored assistance for people to find their own path led us to develop Glow Up Careers, the first realtime videoconference and content platform to connect anyone on earth with a coach of their very own – to help guide them on their journey in a bespoke way.

Yvonne introduced our Refugee Ambassador – Arash Bordbar – who joined us in the room via video to tell us about World Refugee Day, and what Glow Up Careers means to him. You can see his video here.

We then learned of the alarming figures of employment dissatisfaction and disengagement being seen in study after study right across the world. 86% of Australian employees feel disengaged at work, for example!

Figures from Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2017

A change is needed – people feel more detached from their purpose than ever before, and technological change is speeding up this process.

That’s why Glow Up exists – to help people take back their purpose and find their meaning. To encourage them and provide the confidence to shine.

Yvonne introduced some of our key partners, collaborators and not-for-profit groups, followed by the extraordinary story of Grace Arach.

Grace was an abductee from Uganda when she was 12 years old. She suffered severe conditions and unimaginable treatment as a child soldier & bride to a warlord in South Sudan.

Years later, she managed to escape her captors, despite risking her life to do so. Through the assistance of World Vision, the UNHCR and a refugee resettlement process (and gracious benefactors along the way), Grace found herself transplanted to Sydney, completing studies in Social Welfare.

A Glow Up Story – Grace Arach

When Grace was introduced to Yvonne @ Glow Up she was unsure of herself and didn’t have the confidence to really leap into the job market like she should. Glow Up helped retrain her perspective and gave her the uplift she needed – through our recruitment network, Grace found a senior role in Government with the NDIS, helping people in need with her compassion and kindness.

Grace introduced her new charity – Bedo Ki Gen (Living With Hope) – click on the image below to learn more about this humble, yet wonderful idea.

Bedo Ki Gen

After Grace, we heard from three amazing Glow Up collaborators – Emily Bates (Dress for Success), Clare Edwards (a Glow Up Coach) and Helen Waldron (Australian Industry Group).

The Importance of Coaches & Mentors

They discussed the importance of mentors in their careers – A key take-home was how transformative a coach or mentor can be to someone’s confidence level. They take your inner voice and retrain it to sing for you, not against you.

A graduation ceremony followed for some of the first coaches to become fully accredited with Glow Up, and more celebrations. Some of our coaches met their coachees in real life for the first time; they toasted their graduation; discussed the idea of helping people shine; and helped strengthen the Glow Up Community by making new connections and fostering the palpable sense of heart in the room on the night.

Our First Graduates
Meet Your Mentor

To find out more, or get involved with Glow Up Careers – reach out to us here.

And if you’re ready to find your inner Glow, book in for a session and we’ll take it from there!


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