Care for your Career in 2020

5 things you can do to set your career up for 2020

At the start of the year everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions. I am a big fan of planning and find it really sets me up for the year, but it’s got to be something that excites me and gets me motivated. Lots of New Years Resolutions have the opposite affect and leave people with more of a sense of failure.

Before things get busy and you fall into your routine again, stop and think about your career.

It may be fun to start with a single word – What do you want to be known for in your career this year? Inspirational, Successful, Motivating. Pick One, but choose it from your own world. Remember this word through the next 5 steps.

  • Career Goals – Write down 5 career goals for the year. Start with your big goal. What is your one career goal you want to have achieved by the end of the year. Then 4 other smaller ones that can be milestones on the way to getting there. Your big goal may be to be promoted, get a board position or expand in your current role. It may be to change industry or take your career in a completely new direction. The four smaller goals to get there may include, further training, finding a mentor, speaking at an event, becoming a thought leader in your space through blogging or sharing articles, it could be using LinkedIn more.
  • Updated Resume – Make sure you have an up to date resume in line with your goals. There is a lot of talk that resumes may not be that relevant into the future. In the current market a resume is still critical. I get lots of calls from people saying HELP!!!. They’ve just been tapped on the shoulder for a new role or promotion and haven’t updated their resume in 3 years. Put time aside to invest in your resume development.
  • Your Network – List 10 people that can help you with your career this year. Who is going to help you achieve your career goal? Can they support you and give you advice or maybe they have really good contacts in their network that can help. Many roles are now found through the hidden job market so if that’s your goal, make sure to surround yourself with people who know the markets you want to be in. If you are looking at internal promotion, having advocates within the business will help enormously.
  • Tasks – Now think about what the steps are you need to take to reach your goal. What things can you do to reach your career goal this year. Write them down, set timeframes and make them achievable. Keep them bite sized so you can fit them in around doing your current job. Think about the end in mind. Will it mean you are happier, get paid more, have extra flexibility, grow your leadership skills.
  • Time -There is no point in writing your goals and then not having time to work on them throughout the year. Block out at least an hour in your diary every month to work on your career. Think about your goal and review your tasks. What success have you had. What is working and what are you enjoying doing towards having the best career. What do you want to achieve in the next week / month.

What was your Word that you chose at the beginning? Now review the 5 steps and make sure they will help you live this word and achieve your goal.