Breathing Room

Now that most of us are working from home, right across the globe…we’ve found ourselves wondering how everyone is coping with such a sudden and dramatic shift.

In such circumstances, it pays to have something to fill in the time around work, or something to take your mind off things…to recharge.

It’s called Breathing Room, and everyone needs some, sooner or later.

Our neighbour, a Phys-Ed teacher, has transformed his carport into a fully kitted out gymnasium, and the whole family do a morning session together.

We’ve been out sailing (currently still allowed in Sydney), and have been playing games with the kids, gardening, going on local bushwalks, and doing cooking lessons together.

Yvonne took this on a walk around our local area this morning.


Today we asked some of our coaches what they were up to, and how they got through the weekend. Here’s what they had to say…

Catherine said beach walks are keeping her sane.

Catherine isn’t alone – lots of people have been getting out to beaches for some fresh air. Tricky as they close beaches around Australia for social distancing purposes. But luckily, there are LOTS of beaches, so you should be able to find one with no-one on it!


Stef and family have fostered and rehomed a gorgeous little puppy! A great distraction for the kids.

Animals are great companions for lots of reasons, but their soothing influence, and pure love and affection is well regarded.


Kathy (like us) took the opportunity to do a spot of gardening, knocking out a new garden bed over the weekend.

Gardening, a calming influence on the lives of human beings since the garden was invented – give it a go, if you haven’t already.


Leesa has been busy tidying up the shed, sorting out 20 years of chaos!

Everyone loves a shed. It’s really a philosophy, the shed. A safe space. Or a place to store stuff you’ll likely never use again. In any case, well worth a check-out during these stay-at-home days.

Leesa and family also raided their storage to find old school artwork for a few laughs, and some reminiscing.

Going back in time when time seems to slow down, can be a great way to recharge and realise just how far you’ve come. It’s calming to realise you’ve actually come a rather long way…isn’t it?


One of our regional coaches, Ange, is luckily enough to be surrounded by beautiful country lanes to wander along with her dog Biddy.

Country Road, take me home…to the place, I belong…

She’s also into cheesemaking…say no more!

Cheesemaking you say? Try it for yourself via this link:

How To Make Ricotta Cheese.


Sunshine on your back makes everything better. Just the Vitamin D alone can give you a little boost.

Marc soaked up some Sydney sunshine down by the harbour.


And as the weather turns colder (and the bushfire season runs out), what better way to recharge over a weekend, than to build a fire-pit in the backyard, and have a fire…

Debra’s new fire pit, complete with fire number 1!

Debra also mentioned she’s taken up where she left off years ago with her Indonesian language skills, getting back into it with some refresher course work.

Studying, reading, relaxing, drawing, crafting…how are you spending your free time, now work is all mixed up with it?

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