DEI transformation

Glow Up is an experienced provider of diversity, equity & inclusion workplace training programs for enhancing cultural transformation.

Our expert facilitators support corporate leaders to transform their organisations, leveraging bespoke, multi-faceted solutions to enhance corporate DEI maturity and drive sustainable change.

We offer a range of transformation programs for talent teams, hiring managers, leaders and C-Suite.

Our connection with community partners drives our understanding of the state of diversity, equity & inclusion across the employment landscape. Through shared experiences and insights, our training is state-of-the-art.

Explore Our Transformation Programs

attracting diversity

find diverse talent

confirmation bias

changing opinions

cultural identities

celebrating difference

diversity champions

lead from within

encouraging action

become the changemaker

gender equality

mind the gap

inclusive onboarding

the right start

psychological safety

freedom to BE

rethink discrimination

leave no-one behind

shifting mindsets

brain retraining

transition fallout

shelter for your culture

using intersectionality

experiences shared

unleashing x-factors

ambassadors for action

willing bystanders

standing up, speaking out


co-designed programs