Kelly Lawson

As the world and our workplaces move forward at a constant rate, we are often left wondering ‘what happened to my full time job, benefits and conditions’ Kelly believes our workplaces, careers and businesses are changing so much that we as human beings are finding it difficult to navigate how we can bring our human assets called values and motivations to our work.

Without this alignment, we are often unsafe, unclear, unfocused and unmotivated to achieve the goals we set for our careers and businesses. Now more than ever is an opportunity to understand and articulate our natural human assets that are born from values and motivations. They are what set us apart from the rest. Only then, we can be brave enough to do what we know we can.

This deep knowing and knowledge about yourself is what will win you that next interview. It will assist your workplace negotiations, your business collaborations and connections needed for the journey forward. Finally, you can create and pursue goals that align to what is important to you, so you can find flow in the work you do, not live in a constant state of endless doing, trying, having and


With more than 20 years of experience in corporate governance, working for, with and around senior leaders, CEO’s, allied health, start-ups and teams, Kelly works with her clients to find the end of this statement for themselves.

I do my ‘best work’ when …..

It is Kelly’s mission is to empower professionals to become proactive and accountable in their career and business goals by helping them rediscover their purpose and joy in the work they pursue and do.

In collaboration with Glow Up Careers, Kelly raises awareness for the need to align to personal values and to build out a systematic approach to career and business goals using three simple themes: trust, traction and teamwork.

Kelly believes that doing work you love is simply knowing why you are doing it in the first place.

Find your best work today!