Jeri Childers

Jeri Childers, PhD, is the founder of Advancing & Accelerating with Jeri Childers, a coaching, leadership and business development company, which provides services to leaders, entrepreneurs, learning designers, business developers, research and development professionals, universities, corporates, and small business owners who are inventing the future in their sectors. These leaders want a facilitator, coach, or business catalyst to help them with a customized roadmap for their commercial or social impact project, startup, scaleup, or transformational change.

She develops leaders and teams with a focus on mindsets and intentional change strategies. Jeri combines research, brain science, and innovation strategies to coaching, facilitation and leadership development.

Jeri is a certified coach and uses people analytics tools and neuroscience research with leaders to develop confidence and capabilities and to enable teams to perform better together. Her coaching and facilitation strategies have led to new programs, products, business and learning innovations and large-scale change in organizations.

Jeri leverages years of experience in agile project management, stakeholder, customer and employee engagement, design thinking, creative methods for problem solving, new product and service development, learning design, rapid prototyping, and a variety of commercialisation strategies.

Jeri is a Fellow with the University of Technology Sydney, School of Leadership and Professional Practice, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, where she conducts research on innovation in learning design, career, and venture development. Her focus is on mindset, culture, product and service design, and organizational structures and policies that enable innovation, diversity and inclusion.

Previously Dr. Childers was the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and was the founding Director of the UTS Techcelerator, which enables early-stage tech founders to prototype and validate their commercial deep tech solutions. Jeri also founded the UTS Female Founder Mentoring Program and the Advancing Women in Tech leadership development series.

Jeri has been a mentor for Inspiring Rare Birds for many years before becoming an Inspiring Rare Birds Ambassador. In this role Jeri is a champion of gender equality, diversity and inclusions and empowers female leaders at each career or venture stage. She is passionate about advancing and accelerating women in STEMM.

Jeri became a GlowUp coach in the founding year and has enjoyed working with professionals at each stage in their career design their career pivots and secure the job of their dreams.