Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, making it universally accessible & useful. After meeting with the AU/NZ Managing Director, the team were keen to partner with Glow Up.

The Sales team at Google wanted to provide a volunteering opportunity for their staff that was an immersive learning opportunity, focusing on DEI and alternative career pathways into STEM.

Glow Up arranged an event that was held at Google’s headquarters where:

  • 20 School students from refugee backgrounds attended a half day event.
  • Over 30 Google staff were involved & 5 shared their career pathways leading to working at Google.
  • Many had come through alternative pathways & many have diverse backgrounds.
  • Staff got to meet the students and bring them on a tour of the office.
  • The staff and students played games together and did a networking activity, exploring STEM careers.

The students walked away with huge inspiration that it was possible for them to work at Google – something none had ever considered was possible for them. Staff gained insights into the challenges the students faced in getting work coming from refugee backgrounds and opened their minds to diverse talent exploration.