Atlassian is an Australian tech powerhouse helping teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software. Their mission? To unleash the potential of every team.

In order to boost their diverse hiring strategy, Atlassian looked to Glow Up. Novel talent pipelines were also a goal.

Through a range of activities, Glow Up;

  • Provided CSR opportunities for volunteer staff to support refugees & migrants via our accreditation program.
  • Brought together the talent team & refugee candidates, with a successful hire for technical development.
  • Ran a training session for a team of Atlassian staff who were welcoming a female refugee from Afghanistan. This was tailored training with a panel of experts on what to expect, how to support her onboarding & building awareness of cultural differences.

The feedback from Atlassian has been exceptional – They have taken action in hiring refugees and are now exploring how to expand this globally. And with more diversity advocates across their organisation, their mission is enhanced from within – unleashing the potential of every team, starting with their own.