With no limits – what would you do?

Most of us have to earn an income but we need to have fun too. We want to do more of what we love to do.

Even the most wealthy people often continue to do work, despite not needing to any more. A recent news article spoke about how the UK’s youngest Euromillions winner is so bored she now wants a job.

We like the social aspect of work and it gives us purpose in our lives.

It’s also good for our wellbeing.

However, as the world is changing – we’re increasingly overwhelmed by technology. Wunderman Thompson spoke in their recent intelligence report about the rise of the anxiety economy

Thompson Intelligence

This is creeping into peoples lives and their work and people want a more flexible balance. 

So how do you we continue to work, be less anxious, and have fun in what we do.

My friends Kate & Levi have recently sold their furniture, cancelled their lease and bought a van. Now they’re driving around the US living and working from their van, doing Image Editing and Socials for some world leading brands. They’re building a side hustle in promoting the products they use on their trip and have amassed a big following of others wanting to do the same thing. I caught up with them recently while I was at a conference in LA and they are so happy with their new life. They get to be in nature, work the hours that suit them and travel at the same time. Check them out on Insta here:

We Roll With It

This week I met a wonderful woman who is setting up a side hustle consulting to organisations on how to improve their hiring processes. She is Head of Talent for a major global firm and they are supporting her to build her side hustle. They’ve invested in a coach for her and want to see her succeed. She never thought this would be a possibility, but because of it feels more engaged and supported in her full time role.

So I know you’re reading this thinking – all that sounds well and good, but how does this relate to me;

I’ll cut to the chase – it IS you. So cut out the limits.

Think about how you can combine work with your lifestyle and hobbies

Vision Boards can be great for this. I use Pinterest. Pull up images of all the things you love to do. Have a fun notebook you can jot ideas into to come up with that “No Limits” role. Think about what you’ve always dreamed of. Then start to match this with reality. You’ll need to think about things like location, how much income you need to earn, what flexibility you need (for family), what other commitments you have. Then start your research. Find Instagram pages, follow blogs, check out LinkedIn and see how others are doing what you want to do. Reach out to people and have conversations.

Start with a side hustle and talk about your vision

It might not all happen overnight but you could start with a side hustle. In the evenings and weekends put some time aside. Start with baby steps and set yourself some goals. Start talking about it with others. Talking about it out loud will start to make it more real.

Make it happen

When the time is right and you’ve covered the basis, get out there. It might be your current organisation can create a role for you that closely matches this dream role. Maybe you find that dream job advertised and you go for it, or you take a leap and jump headlong into your side hustle making it your new gig. With careful planning, research and a belief in yourself you may be like Kate & Levi.