Meet the Coaches – Katia Lyon

Katia works in Human Resources, Learning and Development and Organisational Development. Her recent role as an internal recruiter puts her in a great position to provide up-to-date Career Coaching. An experienced coach, Katia loves to turn work dreams into reality.

Welcome Katia, we’re looking forward to your insights. Let’s go!

Katia, what is your top tip to lead to successfully getting a job?

Literally to apply for lots of jobs and get a career coach.

Name one thing you would do if you were looking for a job today: 

Ensure my resume is up to date and contains relevant phrases and keywords to the industry I am interested in.

How long is “too long” to be searching for a job without successfully getting a job?

It is never too long and opportunities are everywhere.

My advice to a job seeker who feels stuck or like their job search is taking too long:

Don’t give up, set defined times for job search and recreation and relaxation. Perhaps do a mind map of all the areas of life that interest you and consider taking an interim job in a different field, whilst you still search for your dream role.

My advice to applicants who want to stand out:

Think about what is unique and special about you. You should feel great about this aspect of yourself, so as to speak about it powerfully at interview.

The most common mistake I see people make when searching for a job:

Some behaviours that do not support candidates in progressing their careers are getting angry and resentful and allowing this to stop them from creating new relationships and seeing new opportunities.

The most common career mistake I see people make:

I couldn’t say, as there are no mistakes, just lessons to learn along life’s journey.

What’s the most common thing you see hold people back from getting the job they really want?

Simply not trying in the first place, believing it is unattainable, or giving up before they get there.

What does it really mean when you get a “thanks but no thanks” reply to a job application?

It simply means that someone in the pool of applicants was better suited to the role. To get any more specific, you need to ask the recruiter or the hiring manager for feedback on your application. It is a good idea to ask for reasons why you might not have been successful.

What is something someone searching for a job can do today to improve their chances of landing a job?

Ensure you are healthy and well-rounded. Participate in the community. Get to know people from many different walks of life. Volunteer for a charity. Keep learning and growing and this will show in your attitude and in your job interviews.

What’s your favourite piece of advice or “words of wisdom” to give the people you coach?

Statistics show that we all now have multiple careers across our lifetimes, not just different jobs, but different careers, so it is perfectly normal now to be going through career transition. It is powerful to navigate this transition with a career coach.

Now let’s discover a bit more about Katia herself…

Katia, what gets you fired up in the morning?

My love of nature, seeing a flower or sparkles of morning sunlight. Then a good strong coffee!

How do you maintain your motivation?

Some of the ways I stay motivated are by enjoying time in nature, taking time away from technology, using creative visualisation and affirmations.

What do you do when you just don’t feel like it?

I pay attention to my intuition very carefully and validate my feelings. I encourage myself gently yet allow myself options.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

‘If you are unsure whether you want the role, just go through the interview process and when you get the job offer, then decide whether you want to take it’. This comment resulted in me starting one of best jobs of my life so far!

What’s the worst?

It is not so much advice but the expectation that one should stay in a job one is unhappy in. If you are unhappy, make a change!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in your career/working life?

Your work relationships are very important. Foster your work relationships and development just as much as your private ones. These are immensely satisfying relationships that will make a great impact on your life.

If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing related to jobs/career, what would be?  

University is just a place to learn and practice, it will set you up with skills and ways of thinking, but it is not the defining end point of your life, just let it be a beginning and you will learn and grow from there. Your career will flow in many unexpected ways in the future, yet the foundation skills you learn at University will always support you.

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