Meet the Coaches – Amanda Hatten

From a former career with Gartner, where she built strong leadership foundations, to independent coaching in her own consultancy and now Glow Up, Amanda is ready to help you transform your teams.

A Certified Organisational Coach with global credentials, Amanda brings an international outlook and strong ties with best practice coaching and engagement strategy – energised by helping people realise their potential.

Take it away, Amanda…

Amanda, what is your top tip to lead to successfully getting a job?

Be clear about what you are looking for and target your search.

Name one thing you would do if you were looking for a job today: 

I would take time to understand and articulate where I can add value.

My advice to a job seeker who feels stuck or like their job search is taking too long:

Two things: look after yourself and ask for help. Step away from your search and give yourself permission to do something for yourself. Go for a walk, watch a movie, catch up with friends – whatever will help you to regroup. I know that there can be a huge amount of pressure involved in finding a job but taking time out and then asking for help can change everything.

The most common mistake I see people make when searching for a job:

Not being clear about what they can bring to a role. I see a list of capabilities and amazing achievements, but the responsibility is then placed on the recruiter/hiring manager to figure out where they can add value.

The most common career mistake I see people make:

Drifting. Not actively thinking about their career. It’s very easy to focus on being the best at what we’re doing in the moment and being known for it. However, if we’re not also looking forwards and continuously evolving, including learning to be able to articulate what we want, we’ll be putting ourselves at risk. The world of work is changing so quickly, it’s very easy to get left behind.

What’s the most common thing you see hold people back from getting the job they really want?

I think fear. Fear of failing, fear of not being good enough. I think most of us can be better at backing ourselves, together with understanding what we need to do to get that dream job and putting in the effort to get there. 

What is something someone searching for a job can do today to improve their chances of landing a job?

Network. I think we’ve all heard about the hidden job market – anywhere up to 80% of positions are not advertised. Instead, roles are being filled via networking and word of mouth. That means that you are more likely to find your next job through someone you know, or someone they know. A targeted networking plan is becoming more critical.

What’s your favourite piece of advice or “words of wisdom” to give the people you coach?

Trying to find a new job can be brutal, be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help. People can be so generous if you just ask.

Now let’s discover a bit more about Amanda herself…

Amanda, what gets you fired up in the morning?

A beautiful, early, bright sunrise and cuddles from my daughter.

How do you maintain your motivation?

I make sure I take time to get outdoors, preferably at the beach, even for as little as ten or fifteen minutes.

What do you do when you just don’t feel like it?

If I can, I talk a walk or go for a run. If not, I make a list of what needs to be done and work my way through it.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Think about your personal brand – what do you stand for and how do you communicate it in the way that you want it to be received?

What’s the worst?

Keep doing what you’re doing.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in your career/working life?

I learned the hard way that it’s very easy to get stuck in what you’re doing by focusing on doing a great job for other people but not taking time to think about what’s next for you and how you get there.

If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing related to jobs/career, what would be?  

You don’t have to make final career decisions in your teens. May I have three more? Think about what gives you energy, keep learning and find yourself coaches/mentors along the way to support you.

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