Five Benefits of Revealing Your Diverse Background to Employers

Many employers are now searching for candidates from all different backgrounds and abilities to build more diverse and inclusive cultures. A lot of them refer to it as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). There are many benefits for an organisation to do this and research is continuing to emerge in this area. Inclusive teams are 8 times more effective, and it makes good business sense. It also opens a bigger talent pool for organisations.

There are many different types of diversity, from parents, refugees and migrants, people with disabilities, neurodiverse, indigenous, mature age, younger generation. Most of us will fit into one or more categories throughout our life. It is who we are.


1.     Flexibility and Accessibility in the way you work. Opening up about how you identify gives you an opportunity to find flexibility and accessibility to the ways you like or need to work. For example, identifying as a parent can give you access to parental leave, flexibility to attend to your children as needed and the opportunity to meet other parents in the workplace who can support each other.

2.     Organisations focus on DEI hiring. Many organisations are focusing on DEI and are actively hiring those from diverse backgrounds. By identifying as diverse, you may be fast tracked through the hiring process or given additional support for a successful outcome. You can ask to speak to others in the organisation that may be like you.

3.     Use your voice to bring diverse perspectives to your work. Diversity of thought is important in teams. Everyone has a unique view and bringing your ideas with a diversity lens helps others in the team understand and change their mindset and thinking in a positive way.

4.     Grow and expand your career. By embracing your whole self and being true to who you are, you can focus on your career trajectory. Growing your career in the way you want in a supportive environment. It will give you confidence to take steps forward. To seek out mentors and allies who can help you get to where maybe you never thought you could go. To embrace your diversity as both a gift and a benefit.

5.     You become an ambassador for others like you. By taking a brave step forward, you become a support and voice for other people in the community like you. Many people I speak to say they don’t know or see others like them where they work. By embracing an organisation that is actively working on DEI you can help others feel welcomed too.


My advice is to go for it. Search out organisations that are encouraging diversity. Embrace who you are and aim high.