Coach accreditation

A Time to Shine

Are you ready to improve your coaching skills in 2024, work on your true self, learn career coaching whilst also giving back to refugees and new migrants?

Our 12-week immersive coaching accreditation program starts monthly with a 2 hour webinar hosted by our founder, Yvonne Kelly – welcome to the Glow Up Coach Community!

What if you could accelerate your own career, refine your coaching skills, connect with your purpose and give back by coaching others?

With Glow Up Careers, a certified Social Enterprise, you can!

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This Accreditation is perfect, if you:

Meet your trainer

I’m Yvonne Kelly, CEO & co-founder of Glow Up Careers.

When you join Glow Up Accreditation, you’ll get an insight into our coaching programs that transform lives. I’ll share the secret methods and learnings I’ve used from over 25 years as a Global Recruiter. You will hear success stories of phenomenal individuals who have overcome barriers to achieve rewarding and meaningful careers.

You will also have time to work on your own purpose and career, focusing on your strengths, values & passions.

Then you’ll learn how to do this for others, like Arash Bordbar our Refugee Ambassador, below.

He’s traversed an incredible career journey from home-country persecution, to escapee, to Australian refugee, to university scholarship…graduate, and now working with UNHCR in Copenhagen on EMEA humanitarian projects. (Hint: He did get a bit of a ‘Glow Up’ along the way!)

Values-Based Coaching

Our values-based approach provides practical and insightful guidance to people not sure where to turn next, helping change mindsets, refocus energy and achieve successful outcomes.

Learn Recruitment AI

This program will give you up to date information on the technology & AI used in the recruitment process and the hurdles job seekers are facing. Plus, uncover how hiring Managers & Recruiters search for candidates using tech.

Coaching With Purpose

We also delve into the importance of coaching & mentoring for refugees and new migrants, especially in finding a job, and we’ll give you a deep insight into the outcomes-based pro-bono programs we deliver for people in need.

Explore Personal Branding

Work on your own personal branding, from resume to online profiles, avatars, photography and video presentation skills. Discover what it takes to stand out, be proud of your achievements, and link your purpose to your personality.

Embrace A Community

Glow Up is also a great opportunity to join a growing global community of like-minded people. If you enjoy coaching and want to help people find what they love to do, to chase their dreams and suceed, you’re in the right place!

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s an interactive program, so you’ll get to practice your coaching skills in real-time, with one-on-one role playing as both a Coach and a Coachee. You’ll even realign with what you value most, and set new goals for your own career.

Outstanding Outcomes

Our bespoke platform is immersive, inclusive and designed to guide coaching conversations for maximum impact. At Glow Up we’re all about the OUTCOME, and think everyone with their career on their mind should be too!

Inside our Accreditation Program, you’ll get:

Some feedback from our Coaches:

I found the structure of the Glow Up Coaching guidelines and online approach really helpful in supporting me to help my coachee in the best way possible. It was easy to follow, logical and comprehensive. Because it is structured around a typical job seeking journey, it worked well in terms of bring able to anticipate the coachees’ needs and next area of required support.

Alice Young
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader, Atlassian

The process was inspiring & well crafted. I’m ready to shout about our work from the rooftops! We are creating a better world one client at a time. 

Katia Lyon
Human Resources Consultant

Being involved with the Glow Up Careers refugee career coaching program has been a really wonderful opportunity for me to learn and build my career coaching skills. The platform brings together a wealth of job seeker tools, resources and tips into a structured digital learning approach, enabling a coach to add value from their own working experience. It’s not intense or time consuming, rather a valuable personal growth opportunity for coaches. The Glow Up team is having a direct positive impact on the Refugee community and the volunteers who work with them. As an HR practitioner with 25 years experience employing people in Australia, I believe Glow Up provides comprehensive quality content that gives job seekers all the tools they need to be confident and gain success in the new job market.  

Kellie Warta
Executive HR Leader

It is great to be a part of an awesome coaching team where we can learn from each other and improve our skills so we can provide exceptional service to our clients.

Marina Pitisano
Senior HR Practitioner

I love how practical it is and how up to date the support/training from Glow Up has been with regard to the current recruitment market and what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Super valuable & I’m loving the community of coaches.

Stacey Copas
Resilience Expert Speaker

The training package was engaging, and I’ve found navigating the system to be simple and effective. I’ve also put a private client through who now has employment and his feedback was that the portal was really useful. recruitment market and what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

Debra Brook
Transformation Specialist

More Questions? Here’s the FAQ:

Our Accreditation is a mix of online learning, webinar content, self-directed learning, community engagement, and one-on-one coaching between you and another coach to practice with our platform. You’ll also get the chance to coach someone in need, and receive feedback on your coaching skills as you progress. When you complete all the online modules and your practice/pro-bono sessions, then Accreditation is yours! Welcome to the Glow Up coach community.

Yes. We now have accredited coaches in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We welcome coaches from all around the world and can adjust the webinar times to suit international time zones.

The program takes on average 8 to 12 hours to complete. Aside from the 2 hour webinar, it is fully self-paced. We have had coaches complete it within a week and then others have taken longer depending on their other life / work commitments.

No qualifications are necessary to enrol. Just a willingness to learn, listen and be open to supporting others. 

Access to a computer / device with a video camera  and microphone. We use Zoom for our webinars and coaching sessions. We will provide you access to our online portal –

We strongly believe in the work that we do, the positive impact we make and the value of our accreditation process. As such, we do not offer a refund and ask you to commit to the program before joining us.

When you have completed Accreditation, you will receive your certificate and LinkedIn badge logo. You’ll also get to join our online coach community where all our coaches come together to share coaching tips, best practice, success stories and help each other thrive. The community also involves monthly educational webinars, and we arrange accountability groups, meetups and other events throughout the year. You’re free to dip into any of these as you like.

Many of our programs are specifically designed to help people thrive in their organisations, negotiate change and embrace new ways of work. Plus our coaching platform includes programs to suit all levels as well as support employees just joining, and those transitioning outwards. We have a licensing program which allows organisational Leaders to access our programs and deliver coaching internally to their staff, colleagues and friends.

We have lots of private practice coaches in our community, and welcome more every month we run Accreditation.  Many of them group together, work together and share workflows, insights and coaching knowledge too. At Glow Up, we don’t guarantee coaching assignments, but we do have corporate clients, and when the work comes through that channel, our private practice coaches are first in line to perform that paid coaching work.

We think Glow Up Accreditation is the perfect place to start if you’re new to coaching. Over the course of the program you’ll gain loads of tips, tricks and shared knowledge to help you thrive as a coach. And by joining our coach community, you’ll have access to a group of like-minded mentor coaches from all sorts of backgrounds and all levels of coaching expertise. Plus, you’ll get to give back to the community by coaching those in need too.